Book Club

About the Poly Cleveland Book Club:
The book club meetings are currently on hold. The group will read and discuss books or book segments that feature polyamory / ethical non-monogamy. In addition to the ever popular “how-to” books, we’ll also be branching out to include fictional stories that feature characters in nontraditional and non-monogamous relationships.


How a book club works:
The book or book segment will be announced at least a month in advance. Members then read on their own and come to the meeting ready to discuss.

Is this your first book club? Well, don’t worry – it’s our first, too! This will be a fun way to tackle all the material we’ve been wanting to read with the added bonus of having others to bounce our questions and ideas off of. We hope to see you there!

Important to know
There is absolutely no food or drink, including water, allowed in the meeting room of the Lakewood library. There is a water fountain outside of the room. The library also prohibits smoking, audio and visual recording, phone calls, and ringtones within the library at all times; please silence or set your phone to vibrate before entering the library. Please respect these policies so that we can continue to use the free resources available to the group. Mia will bring a printed list of the library’s Public Venue Policy to the meeting if anyone is interested in reading it in detail.

Book List
Here is a list of books we may use or have used for the club! You are welcome to suggest a book which contains non-monogamy ideals or information. If a book is underlined we have used it in a discussion. We may revisit books if there is enough interest or passage of time.


How To